Package deals 
          Package deals 
PACKAGE DEAL #1 COST $110.00 Pic any 13x13 Disney jumper 1 Table 8 Charirs 
PACKAGE DEAL #2 COST $145.00 Pic any 13x13 Disney jumper Cotton candy or sno machine  supplies included 
PACKAGE DEAL #3 COST $165.00 PIC ANY 13X13 jUMPER 1 concession machine supplies included 3 table 18 Chairs 
PACKAGE DEAL #4 COST $210.00 Pic the Cali wave or the Big wave water slide and the Sno machine 3 flavors 50 cups 1 Tables 8 chairs 
PACKAGE DEAL #5 COST $240.00 Pic the   Mega 5 in1 combo Slide  or the Mega c7 combo slide Sno machine 3 flavors 50 cups  or cotton machine 1 box sugar 50 cone   1 table 8 chairs 

PACKAGE DEAL #6 COST $340.00 Big wave water slide and a 13x13 Jumper 3 Tables 15  chairs ,Cotton machine 1 box sugar, or  Sno machine with 3 flavors  supplies included 
PACKAGE DEAL #8 COST $110.00 Pic any   2  Sno cone machine, Cotton candy machine  or Pop corn machine or  Hot dog machine  1 Table supplies included 
Package   Deal #7  Cost $185  Pic any 13x13 jump house  Sno machine and Cotton machine supplies included add the Hot dog machine 1 Table for Just $20 more 
Package deal #9 Cost $210.00 Pic any C4 Combo slide hoop inside Pic your choice cotton or Sno machine supplies include.Pic any of the  
  Princess c4 , fairies c4, Mickey c4 Combo slides        Foot print 15x wide 20x Long 
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